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Consultation Fees

Initial Consultations - $150  (Pensioners $120)

Your first visit requires a consultation of at least 45 minutes in which a full medical history is taken. You should bring any copies of medical records, previous blood tests or functional testing with you to your first consultation.  If you haven't had a follow up appointment for more than 18 months, an initial appointment type is needed again because of the likely changes to your situation. 

Follow-up Consultations - $100 (Pensioners $80)

20-30 minutes to review and modify treatment plan and purpose.

Extended Follow-up Consultations - $150 (Pensioners $120)

More time (45 minutes) may be required to review complex cases or to present pathology or other basic test results.  DNA results and other functional tests require the specific booking below for one hour. 

Functional Test Review Follow-up Consultations - $150 (Pensioners $120)

At least 45 mins is required to review and explain these extensive functional test results. Tests available include: stool and digestive function analysis; extensive hormone and neurotransmitter testing; organic acid markers; Dietary antigen testing for allergies, food intolerances, and autoimmune disease. 

DNA 60 minute review of genetic testing - $200 (No concessions available)

60 minutes is required to review DNA results. A supplemental review (notes taken) is also provided during the appointment. Due to the demanding nature of interpreting these results by the practitioner, no concessions are provided for this type of appointment. 

Health Funds

The following health funds may provide rebates for clinical nutrition, depending on your level of cover: APPIA, Medibank Private, NIB, AHM, HBF, Australian Unity, GU, APIA, Qantas, Latrobe Health services, ARHG (includes: CUA, Mildura Health Fund, Queensland Country Health, Territory Health, Westfund,, GMF, HBF)

Deborah's individual provider numbers are provided on receipts for claiming purposes. Claims are the responsibility of the patient. 

Nutrition services and functional testing is not refundable by Medicare. 

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