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Deborah is an inspirational and engaging speaker at schools, youth groups, community centres and churches. A Baptist Minister's wife, she has been well received when sharing with church groups on the topic of healing and life balance. She also presents nutrition seminars on topics relevant to particular groups. 

Topic examples include: 

Preventing acne in teenagers

Women's hormonal issues: PMS, menopause, conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS. 

Nutritional support for mental health (Depression and Anxiety)

Nutritional support for behavioural conditions (ASD, ADD, ADHD)

Epigenetics - Changing genetic expression for a healthier you.

Created for healing - A Biblical perspective on the pursuit of healing

Ageing Well - optimising Nutrition for seniors. 

Brain health - supporting a healthy brain in ageing (preventing Alzheimer's and dementia), post covid syndromes, and after stroke, or TBI. 

To discuss a potential seminar date, click the link below:

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