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As a mother of young adults who have had significant health challenges, my interest in nutritional medicine grew from my desire to improve the health of my family.  


After an early career as a high-school teacher, I spent four years working with churches and communities devastated by AIDS in southern Africa. This increased my determination to help people achieve their potential and pursue optimal health through nutrition. 


My own journey with Multiple Sclerosis, diagnosed in 2005, had a huge impact on my desire to help people battling autoimmune disease.  While I advocate for the use of standard treatments, particularly in acute disease states, I soon realised there were also long-term benefits from an holistic approach to my overall health. Nutritional Medicine helped me to identify scientifically validated nutraceuticals and dietary interventions to assist in the management of MS and autoimmune disease. My general health, which was poor for a long time before being diagnosed with MS, also improved. I know how confusing and challenging the road to better health can be, but also how rewarding. I now love to journey with many others towards their health goals. 

I have a special interest in auto-immune conditions, mental health, gastro intestinal issues, and hormonal imbalances, as well as experience supporting a wide range of chronic conditions with nutritional therapy.  I am an accredited Nutritionist with the Australian Natural Therapies Association and the Nutrition Society of Australia, with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. I practice in two locations in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, at the Narangba Valley Medical Centre, and Smart Clinics Mango Hill Family Medical Centre. I also provide Telehealth services for those who cannot visit in person. 

My Story

Deborah Smart
Clinical Nutritionist
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