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Links to Research of Interest

Nutrition Facts in Multiple Sclerosis

Published in ASN Neuro, the official Journal of the American Society of Neurochemistry, this paper outlines the research thus far into the associations between dietary constituents and the onset and progression of Multiple Sclerosis...​

Scientific Evidence and Rationale for the Development of Curcumin and Resveratrol as Nutraceutricals for Joint Health

This article, found in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, explores evidence for the use of two key nutraceuticals as anti-inflammatories in the management of arthritic conditions.  It has a particularly worthwhile discussion at the end regarding the challenges of establishing the use of nutraceuticals in clinical practice for the treatment of inflammatory conditions. 


This is a fascinating exploration of the evidence to date supporting the use of myo-inositol in restoring ovulation and fertility in women with PCOS.  It discusses some of the mechanisms involved, including the realtionship between insulin resistance and loss of ovulation. Peer reviewed and published in the journal of Gynecological Endochrinology, the authors claim 1a level evidence supporting the use of myo-inositol in the treatment of PCOS.

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