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Optimising your Nutrition to...


your Health!

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Deborah Smart

Clinical Nutritionist

BHSc (NutMed); BA; PGDipEd


What is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional Medicine is a science-based, integrative approach that recognises the bio-chemical uniqueness of each individual. It is an holistic approach to healthcare that considers the root causes of disease and illness: genetics, environment, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. It's all about finding what will best help YOU restore health and balance.


If you've ever been diagnosed with a life-changing condition or struggled with poor health, you will know how far reaching the consequences can be. My first episode of multiple sclerosis, many years ago, set me on a whole new journey of fear, faith and self-discovery. The challenges of the years that followed inspired a deep commitment to the pursuit of healing for people suffering all types of chronic illness. 

Nutritional Medicine became a turning point for me.  It is not a fix-all 'cure' but a way of giving the body what it needs to live well in spite of the damage caused by disease, restoring energy and renewing zest for life. 

Today, I live a full and healthful life, and I love to help others do the same...


Narangba Valley Medical Centre

1a/212-226 Young Rd,

Narangba QLD 4504

0403 219 979


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